Engineering Company


The Opengineering company aims at becoming a leader in the design of innovative technological systems and being a constant point of reference as far as the development of new design concepts and technically advanced solutions is concerned.

To that purpose the company devotes increasing energy and resources to the constant training and updating of its professionalism. The aim is consolidating and enhancing, by means of its own resources, the essential skills for strengthening and stabilizing the company’s position within the relevant market thus becoming one of the most well-known Engineering Company at a national level.

Today that is a tangible ambition because Opengineering reduced the time spent to make graphical work thanks to advanced hardware and software tools, thus achieving a constantly increasing design autonomy.

Obviously, the concept of constant improving that is applied to all its internal processes, makes their updating and optimization possible by means of a precise and shared definition of the activities, of the responsibilities and of the performance levels that are to be achieved.

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