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OPENGINEERING can boast a specialized and technical know-how in many different sectors of the general plant engineering design. Particularly the works concern complex electric installations, thermal fluid and special s ystems and while they are made, great attention is paid to the technological innovations of the relevant sector, in order to guarantee top efficiency and an easy and inexpensive post-test maintenance.
The intervention sectors are listed below.

Thermal fluid studiAir conditioning and ventilation
studiWater health
studiPurification and sewer

Electrotechnical studiMotive power
studiElectric switch panels

Fire fighting Safety/Special studiTelephony and Data Networks
studiAudio alarm
studiAccess Control


studiMarket Surveys and Preliminary Studies
studiTechnical-economic Feasibility Studies
studiProject Financing Studies
studiRisk Assessment Studies
studiPreliminary, Definitive, Executive and Structural Design
studiConstruction Management
studiPrices Analysis, Metrical Reckonings and Estimates
studiProject Management
studiSupervision of Works
studiSupport to Tenders
studiProjects Validation

Works Management, Accounting and Support of Shipyard

Opengineering srl is able to offer clients both works direction and site assistance services, through experienced, professional engineers who are able to interpret the real aims of the project, guaranteeing that the client’s vision will be realised according to expectations.
Our technical managers carry out all coordination activities needed during regular site inspections that guarantee the works are performed to the highest standard and compliant with the project and contractual agreement.
Providing the necessary site assistance, our engineers supervise works to ensure they are performed according to the instructions in the special contract specifications.
This service is completed with a technical-accounting audit during the execution of the design project works.

Testing Technical and Administrative

As part of the service we offer, this concerns the installation of systems, test engineers from Opengineering S.r.l. srl plan the actions to be completed according to agreements made with the client. Specifically, the actions are as follows:

  • Inspections, tests and audits needed to make sure that the works comply technically with the project and contract instructions as well as any expert reports for approved changes;
  • Technical and accounting checks of the measurements for works and the relevant prices applied;
  • Examination and opinion on any reservations presented by the contractor or client;
  • Test certificate issue

All of the measurement actions performed by technical engineers are recorded with the relevant outcome in the Test Sheets that are annexed, once the intervention is completed, to the final technical report issued to the client.

Support Validation Projects

As specialists in the installations sector, meaning thermo fluid, electrical and special systems, we can provide the right kind of technical support to institutes and bodies operating in the project validation field for this area, carrying out checks of the design project drawings, accompanying specialist documentation, recalculation of typical design project parameters, checking compliance with standards. All of these coordinated activities are what lead to the grading in terms of design project conformity to legislation, the relative technical standards, and specifications of good design practices and to the performance requirements expressed by the client.

Project & Construction Management

With its own Project & construction management service, the main aim of Opengineering srl is to guarantee project development according to the limits set by the context of the client, i.e., cost, time and quality. The secondary – but no less ambitious – aim is to optimise resource allocation and integrate the inputs needed to achieve the objectives defined, solving problems and mitigating the risks that each project, to a different extent, will meet along its way.
These activities concern the following:

  • planning, i.e. definition of the content of the job;
  • taking care of scheduling, i.e., the timeframe for the development of activities in line with plans;
  • tracing the economic value of the project, i.e. defining the job budget and monitoring project costs on a constant basis;
  • performing all of the actions needed to control and limit costs.
  • construction site study
  • supervision for purchasing and subcontracting
  • organisation and coordination of site activities
  • job accounts and general accounting
  • operating licence assistance
  • AS BUILT report

Lighting Design

We take care of the lighting design, meaning the design of artificial or mixed (artificial and natural) light for housing, industry, streets and artistic-and museums. Ongoing technical evolution in this industry means we need to stay on the ball when it comes to sourcing cutting-edge solutions, with specific attention to the use of light sources that will guarantee even further reductions in energy use.

LEED Certification & Energy Modeling


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