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Agrifood Centre - Rome

Agrifood Centre - Roma

The agrifood centre in Rome (Centro Agroalimentare Roma) is the largest and most important infrastructure in Italy and one of the largest in Europe for the sale of fruit and vegetables and fish.  It is an essential hub for traffic from the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, as well as a focal point junction not only for Rome and Laetium, but also for the surrounding regions, as well as the eastern and Mediterranean Basin markets.
The CAR is a genuine "Trade City”, a meeting place for supply and demand, but also a place in which goods transit, arrive, are processed, purchased and prepared to be distributed directly to the city of Rome and the rest of Italy.
The CAR is a large logistics hub, organised, technologically advanced and fully computerised, able to operate using a real integration process between production, sale, distribution, export, logistics and services.  It is a multipurpose facility, able to develop important economies of scale and to drastically reduce logistics costs.
The complex is located on the border between the municipality of Rome and that of Guidonia, between km 16 and km 17 of the Tiburtina road, in the district of Tenuta del Cavaliere.  It covers a surface area of some 140 hectares overall, with about 117,816 sq m of indoor space.  It handles about 6,300,000 quintals of goods, with an estimated turnover of about 1.3 billion euros.
The complex is divided across different buildings, separated on the basis of use (sale, trade, administration and management).  They are essentially as follows:

  • Fruit and vegetable market, 45000 sq m
  • Fish market, 10000 sq m
  • Management centre, 12000 sq m
  • Incoming goods centre and entry points
  • Rooms for processing, preserving and storing goods
  • Car parks and waiting area
  • Vehicle assistance centre
  • Cash & Carry area
  • Auditorium for over 350 people
  • Workers’ changing rooms

The structure, designed by the firm Valle, from a technological viewpoint has been designed for full cabling, with advanced computerised systems for continued monitoring of incoming goods and access points.
The extension of the centre, complexity of its activities and the varied nature of visitors and those using the market mean it is necessary to manage access to the complex and to guarantee, at the same time, functional trade and safety of people and merchandise.
As part of the access control system renewal, Opengineering Srl designed a technologically advanced system able to guarantee full safety and to know, at all times, the identities of the people and vehicles inside the market.  Using the very latest technology, it has been easy to simplify and speed up entry for users, solving existing congestion problems at entrances during peak traffic times.  It is therefore possible to identify visitors and at the same time, to make sure that they have met with all of the obligations in place for access to the centre, giving each visitor a valid and authorised pass. The design project essentially realised the following aims:

  • To give the market’s 13 main entrances the necessary recognition technology such as readers for plates, badges and transponders
  • To configure entrance points so that within brief periods they can provide for different types of user access (programmable(, so as to deal with traffic jam situations or entrance gate malfunctions
  • To simplify maintenance operations, implementing cutting-edge solutions (e.g. radio frequency technology in place of contact technology) to dialogue with a central system and providing real time information on operating statuses, signalling anomalies in good time
  • To perfect an accreditation system via internet to guarantee users the ability to register at the portal, stating the type of goods and the time of arrival at the market, which simplifies the operations at the entrance point, making it possible to bypass the incoming goods point
  • To implement an additional entrance to the commercial area for management companies, so as to further optimise entrance operations
  • To integrate and renovate the pedestrian entrances to the management areas, using the new system
  • To implement new management software so as to process statistic, reports and functions that serve administration and security
  • To interface the new system with existing applications
  • To provide management company staff with tablets able to check entry requirements and also to fine users who do not abide by regulations
  • To automate entrance activities and digitalise documents to deliver for access to the CAR for the purpose of reducing paperwork and paper archives
  • To standardise and simplify fee collection.

The system is modular and can be expanded; it is able to dialogue with existing software and equipment in the centre and is able to create a highly dynamic structure to guarantee reliable and lasting solutions and applications.


Agrifood Centre - Rome


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