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Italia “Nuvola” Conference Centre - EUR, Rome

In a strategic area of the historic Eur area, one of the most important architectural works of the third millennium planned in the Italian capital city. The new Eur conference Centre, projected by the Architect Massimiliano Fuksas, is already considered one of the biggest among European and Mediterranean basin conference centres, thanks to the fact that it can accomodate events which significantly differ among them and it can host 9.500 people.
The project in its whole is developed in an underground part, where a 615 car parks garage was planned, the multipurpose auditorium halls respectively for 5.000 and 1.500 people, meeting rooms, the ‘concorse‘ (the accesses from the Cristofero Colombo boulevard and Shakespeare boulevard to the Centre), and the annexed services and in a ground level part which is the result of the interaction of various elements, among which the so called ‘Teca’ stands out, it contains the well-known ‘Nuvola’, and a narrow and long shaped building that will host a five-star hotel with 439 rooms. Such parts, separated among them but perfectly integrated, are developed on an overall surface of about 55thousand square metres, for a total volume of about 327 cubic metres. In particular, the ‘Teca’ is an approximately 30 m high big transparent and translucent parallelepiped, and inside it there is the so called ‘Nuvola’, an approximately 3500 square metre structure made of steel and Teflon, that is pending on a surface of 10.000 square metres, and hosts an approximately 1800 square metre auditorium that can host 1.850 spectators and some meeting halls.
The conference centre will also have a 15.000 square metre multipurpose overall area, that will host three more halls, foyers, cafés and restaurants. In the outside part there will be two squares: one of them will be possible to be travelled over from Europa boulevard to Shakespeare boulevard, the other one was designed like a flexible space and for welcoming the members of the conferences.
Next to the real conference structure there will be the building that will host the 439 rooms of the luxury hotel. The building will be around 55 metres high, with 17 aboveground floors, it will be provided with 6 panoramic view elevators placed in a space that will separate the two main bodies of the building where the rest of the centre will be built. As far as the works management is concerned, the Opengineering company put at the ATI Dress&Sommer and Ecosfera disposal, that was assigned the Construction Management of the work, some of its professionals who, within the Supervision of works staff, hold the posts of operational managers and building yard inspectors for all systems planned in the project.


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Italian Conference Centre - Eur - Rome


EUR S.p.A.

Value of the work

216.000.000,00 €



Architectural Project

Arch. Massimiliano Fuksas - Fuksas Associati S.r.l.

Systems And Fire Fighting Project

AI Engineering S.r.l.

Safety Coordinator

Studio Ing. Gilberto Sarti

Structures Project

Studio Ing. Massimo Majowiecki
Studio Ing. Gilberto Sarti


Executive and Building Ground Supervisors for Special and Thermal Fluid Systems and Electric Installations

Task assigned by

ATI Dress&Sommer a.g.
Ecosfera S.p.A.