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Fijlkam Olympic Federal Center - Lido di Ostia - Roma

The FIJLKAM Olympic Federal Center, consisting of the Olympic Training Center and the “Palafijlkam” Federal Indoor Stadium, is the seat of the activities of the “Federazione Italiana Judo Lotta Karate Arti Marziali” (The Italian Federation of Judo Wrestling Karate Martial Arts).
It was built during the ’90s and it is today an important international activity centre: it is the official seat of the “Scuola Superiore di Lotta” (Superior School of Wrestling) for the Federation Internationale des Luttes Associees (FILA); it is a venue of the meetings of the International Judo Federation and of the Union European de Judo; moreover it is the seat of the “Scuola di Formazione dell’Unione delle Federazioni Mediterranee di Karate” (Training School of the Karate Mediterranean Federations Union). Also the major international bodies of the Weightlifting, the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) and the European Weightlifting Federation (EWF), undertake some of their activities in the Centre.
In over 15 years of activity, international champions and young talented athletes trained on the wide parterre of the centre; thanks to its annexed services, it successfully hosted outstanding events such as open competitions and federal assemblies. With a 15.800 square metre area, the stands of the center accomodate up to 2.500 spectators and with its sail-shaped covering – unique of its kind – the Palafijlkam is one of the most prestigious venues, on the Roman coast, for the organization of international level sport events. .


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Fijlkam Olympic Federal Center - Lido di Ostia - Roma



Value of the work

6.552.377,07 €



Architectural Project

Arcomproject S.r.l.

Structure Project

Studio Ing. Peroni


Definitive Planning, Executive Planning for Thermal Fluid, Special Systems and Electric Installation Redevelopment

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Thermal Fluid Systems Amount

749.953,42 €

Systems Amount

1.051.991,69 €