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La Leprignana Residential Complex - Fiumicino, Rome

The residential complex is located on a green hill of Leprignana, just outside Rome, alongside Aurelia street. Under the project, 450 luxury semi-detached houses, and luxury houses divided into three or four independent buildings, with garden, inhabitable basements and bower will be built.
In addition to that there will be a park and several facilities such as tennis courts, swimming pools and a multi-functional, recreational structure that is developed on 2 levels for an overall space of 1.200 cubic meters. Opengineering worked for the entire complex thermal fluid, special systems and electric installations. In particular the planned thermal fluid systems include:

  • the production and distribution of hot and chilled water at the disposal of the entire building
  • air conditioning
  • waterworks and sanitary fixtures
  • irrigation system
  • water purification system

The air conditioning in the rooms is guaranteed by the use of radiant panels on the floor, and by means of air treatment units and radiators in the bathrooms.
The hot water of the circuits, of the radiant panels and of the air conditioners batteries is produced thanks to a condensation boiler, whereas the swimming pool exchanger is powered by a floor standing boiler. Both boilers are powered by marsh gas. In the multipurpose hall , which includes wine bar, video hall and billiard table, in the small halls, in the changing rooms and in common areas, the heating system was installed with radiant panel system fixed on the floor. The canalization for air distribution follows hidden paths, flowing inside the false ceilings or the dedicated shafts.
The regulating systems of the hot and chilled water distribution and production systems has an automatic regulation centralized control unit, made with programmable logics electronic and electric devices. The electric installations and special systems that were planned are the following:

  • general electric installation
  • safety and ordinary lighting system
  • telephony and data system
  • sound-video diffusion system
  • anti-intrusion system

The lighting system includes all the lighting fixtures, the relative control devices, the laying and connecting accessories, the secondary energy supply lines deriving from the secondary switch panels. The lighting system is divided into ordinary and safety lighting. The system is installed by means of fixtures provided with fluorescent lamp with photometric efficiency that guarantees energy conservation. In the entertainment areas the lighting control is possible thanks to a bus system management, with a microprocessor centralized control, in order to obtain different kinds of lighting through a variable and personalized regulation.
The lighting concept of the internal halls is the “bright canal” one with a number of built-in lighting device in the internal area of the canal, whereas in the café area pendant fixturess are used, provided with compact fluorescent lamps, which descend over the counter of the café.
Inside the swimming pool and along its borders, low voltage LEDs were planned. As far as the emergency lighting system is concerned, the emergency exits are highlighted with autonomous fixtures with lamps installed on the emergency exits, provided with pictogram in compliance with the regulation in force.
As far as the telephony and data transmission network is concerned, it functions as a connector between the peripherical elements and the concentrators, supposing a number of services and information which can be exchanged among the parts which take part in the use and control of the numerous activities inside the building.
A contral unit was planned for the video diffusion signal system, the following elements are controlled by that unit:

  • reception antennas of the terrestrial diffusion UHF and VHF TV signals
  • satellite signal reception antenna

As concerns the basic sound diffusion system, two types of device were chosen for the two levels of the building: on the ground floor, built-in speakers were installed in the false ceiling; on the second floor, the speakers are wall recessed speakers, for external areas, with an adequate protection level.
In the project an anti-intrusion system was planned, that can actively protect the internal part of the structure.
The anti-intrusion system consists of double-technology volumetric detectors that are placed in strategic points and fit for detecting the presence of moving bodies. All the sensors are controlled by a detection central unit provided with an optical-sound alarm signaller and by a telephone dialer.
The installation of the detection central unit is adequately placed inside the technical room on the ground floor. The remote control of the central unit is accessible by means of a keypad and LCD display.


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Residential complex “La Leprignana” - Fiumicino (Rome)


Edilizia Roma Ovest
Parsitalia S.p.A.
Lamaro Appalti S.p.A.



Architectural Project

Studio Nira

Structure Project

Ing. Adriano Cera


Executive Planning, Supervision of the Works, Thermal Fluid System Test, Electric Installations and Special Systems Tests

Task assigned by

Edilizia Roma Ovest

Thermal Fluid Systems Amount

234.356,81 €

Systems Amount

580.172,71 €