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Apulia Iberotel Tourist Hotel Complex - Marina d’Ugento (LE)

The Project was dedicated to the building of the Iberotel Apulia tourist hotel complex, an elegant 4 star hotel overlooking the Jonio sea perfectly integrated with the surrounding natural environment and with the buildind style of the Salento area.
The complex consists of 10 houses called ‘corti’ which on the whole host 333 residences, provided with all comforts and modern technologies. In addition to those, there are the common areas where the following functional areas are distributed:

  • warehouses
  • servizi
  • reception
  • administration
  • restaurants, cafés, kitchens
  • spa and sport facilities
  • meeting center with 3 congress halls
  • amphitheater
  • parking area

The residential complex extends on a 18786 square meter total surface, 11100 square meters of which are devoted to residences and 7686 square meters are devoted to the service and entertainment common areas. The general project of the electric installations and special systems concerning the entire complex and each single area was developed in the following sections:

  • ordinary and emergency lighting systems
  • electric installation
  • telephony and data networks
  • anti-intrusion system
  • fire detection system
  • room management system
  • sound alarm system
  • TV system
  • supervision system

The technological systems were planned according to the different use in the various floors and areas (rooms, offices, lobbies, halls, etc.) considering the power availability and continuity, and the consequences on the service, people’s and installations safety. Moreover, the particular use of such systems required specific safety and reliability characteristics and that is reflected in the main scheme, emergency systems and main components and devices which had to be installed.


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Apulia Iberotel Tourist Hotel Complex - Marina d’Ugento (LE)


Ugento S.r.l.

Value of the work

26.973.000,00 €



Architectural Project

Pellegrino Associati S.r.l.
Reconsult S.p.A.

Structure Project

Studio Ing. Cinuzzi

Thermal Fluid Systems Project

Studio Ing. Cuda


Preliminary, Definitive, Executive Planning, Supervision of the Works for Special Systems and Electric Installations

Task assigned by

Reconsult S.p.A.

Systems Amount
5.081.195,43 €