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Kef-Eddir Dam, Tipaza Prefecture - Algeria

Kef-Eddir Dam, Tipaza Prefecture - Algeria

The Kef-Eddir Dam, in the prefecture of Tipaza, is a hundred or so kilometres west of Alger and has been built on the River Damous about 8 kilometres upstream of the town of the same name.  The Kef-Eddir Dam is destined to create a reservoir to provide drinking water to the areas of Damaous, Beni Milleuk and the Chlef region, as well as irrigating 700 hectares of farmland.
The project involves the construction of a 93-metre dam with a crest length of 478 metres.
It also involves the building of an artificial, horseshoe tunnel to divert the river, a tunnel to inject the waterproofing treatment and for drainage, a water intake tower and a spillway.
The works were contracted to a consortium of Impresa Pizzarotti and Todini, winners of the tender to design and build the dam, as issued by the Request for Tender from the Algerian Ministry for Water and the National Agency for Dams and Transfers.
Opengineering Srl was appointed by the Pizzarotti-Todini Consortium to carry out the executive designs for the following electrical and special installations:

  • MV/LV cabin systems
  • Primary electrical distribution
  • Electrical panels
  • Secondary electrical distribution
  • Internal and external lighting system
  • Intake tower earthing systems
  • Telephone system


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Kef-Eddir Dam, Tipaza Prefecture - Algeria


Republique Algerienne Democratique et Populaire - Ministère des ressources en eau - Agence Nationale des Barrages et Transferts




Executive Design for Electrical and Special Systems

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