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École Française de Rome - Rome

The French School of Rome is a public institution for research and education under the auspices of the Ministry of Education.
It is a point of reference in Italy and in the Mediterranean countries as far as the French scientific and research activity in history, archeology and social science is concerned.
At the beginning it was well-known as the Rome seat of the “Scuola Francese d’Atene” (The French School of Athens) and then as the “Scuola d’Archeologia” (the School of Archeology), it was established in 1875 and has three main seats: Farnese Palace, Navona Square and the Baldi Crypt.
It has a rich library which, with its 200.000 works, brings prestige to the French institution. In the School currently work 18 officials, interns and people who attend a doctorate of research (Ph.D.), university and CNR (National Council of Researches) researchers. Opengineering worked for the renovation of the historical seat of Navona Square 62, which hosts young researchers and people who attend doctorates.
The building is very prestigious from an historical and architectural point of view, it has six floors and a mezzanine and it is structured in the following functional areas:

  • Multipurpose Exhibition Hall
  • Seminars Hall with 30 seats
  • Conference Hall with100 seats
  • Residences and Offices
  • Technical premises

Opengineering worked for the rebuilding and adjusment to the electric installations and special systems in compliance with the in force regulations concerning that matter. The plant engineering-technical project is articulated as follows:

  • rebuilding of the general low-voltage electric switch panel
  • rebuilding of the floor and sector electric switch panels
  • new electric switch panels for the students’ rooms
  • new electric primary distribution
  • rebuilding della distribuzione elettrica secondaria
  • rebuilding of the systems serving the air conditioning devices
  • new ordinary and emergency lighting system
  • new fire detection and fire alarm system
  • new structured cabling system for telephony and data networks
  • new disabled people alarm system
  • TV system

The planning and Supervision of the Works executed by Opengineering Company had the main target of modernizing the building, respecting both its function of education and research scientific institute and its function of residence for the accomodation of scolarship holders and people who attend doctorates.


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École Française de Rome - Rome


École Française de Rome



Architectural Project

Atelier SERAJI
Seste Engineering S.r.l.

Structure Project

Studio Tecnico Di Cintio

Fire Fighting Security

Arch. Roberta Ripani

Evaluative Metric Reckoning

Studio Tecnico Geom. Roberto Musto

Thermal Fluid Systems Project

Costruzioni Generali OIKOS ‘92 S.r.l.


Definitive, Executive Planning, Supervision of the Works for Special Systems and Electric Installations

Task assigned by

École Française de Rome

Systems Amount

524.013,42 €