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El Mountazah Hotel - Séraidi, Annaba - Algeria

El Mountazah Hotel - Séraidi, Annaba - Algeria

The El Mountazah Hotel is located in the center of the city of Seraidi, well known health resort, 12 km from Annaba. Built in Moorish style by Arch. Puillon, it is placed at 900 meters above sea level, in the context of the National Park de l'Edough no so far away from a popular beach. The hotel is set on a total area of 13911 square meters, with a built area of 6970 square meters. It’s featured with five floors, basement included, and it accommodates the following services:

  • 102 rooms
  • 210 beds
  • Restaurant with 150 seats with roof terrace
  • Multipurpose Conference Room with 200 seats
  • Parking
  • swimming pool
  • Grill Room
  • Tennis 2200 sq.m.

As part of the rebuilding and enlargement of the hotel complex, awarded to the Italian-Algerian grouping formed between ArchiQuest, Lenzi Consultant, Cooprogetti, Lorenzo Bellini Associates and Reconsult Srl, Opengineering is working at the Preliminary, Definitive and Executive Design for Thermalfluid, Electrical and Special Systems . It will also provide its assistance to the Supervision of Works under construction for Technological Systems. The Technological Systems designed by Opengineering are the following:

  • Electrical System
  • Power System
  • Lighting System
  • Fire Detection and Fire Fighting System
  • Renewable Energy System
  • Air conditioning System
  • Waterworks and drain System
  • Sprinklers plant
  • TV and Voice-Data Network
  • Sound System
  • CCTV and intrusion-detection system
  • Control System
  • Watering Plant
  • Filtration Pools Plant
  • Storage System for 1000 mc, including water pumps and treatment


El Mountazah Hotel - Séraidi, Annaba - Algeria


E.G.T. Annaba “Entreprise de Gestion Touristique de Annaba” e Gestout Spa “Société de gestion des partecipations de l’état – hotellerie et tourisme”



Architectural Project

Lenzi Consultant

Structure Project

Reconsult Srl


Preliminary, Definitive, Executive Design and Supervision of works for Thermalfluid, Electrical and Special Systems

Task assigned by

Reconsult Srl

Systems Amount

5.000.000,00 €