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Hotel, Municipality of Salò - Brescia

Hotel, Municipality of Salò - Brescia

The new 5* hotel complex is located in Salò (BS). It  has been designed following the international standards and it consists of 97 rooms and suites, restaurant, wellness center, terrace, pool and general services. The total area covered by the hotel is about 7,000 square meters and the volume is about 21,000 cubic meters.
The hotel complex is surrounded by hillsides that slope gently down to the Garda lake, that are covered partly by green and woods. The architectural structure is on different levels, designed as  terraces following the sloping soil. It’s possible to identify the following levels:

  • Ground floor, that includes the reception, the service rooms and 25 bedrooms
  • Two upper floors, that include 43 bedrooms
  • Two lower floors, that include 29 bedrooms, restaurant, bar, wellness center, conference room and utility rooms
  • Basement, that includes the parking

The restaurant and the lobby bar overlook the pool and a lounge area is located on a terrace overlooking the lake.
The technological systems that have been provided are the following:

  • Electrical System
  • Power System
  • Lighting System
  • Fire Detection and Fire Fighting System
  • Air conditioning System
  • Waterworks and drain System
  • Geothermal plant
  • Sprinklers plant
  • TV and Voice-Data Network
  • Sound System
  • CCTV and intrusion-detection system
  • Control System
  • Watering Plant
  • Filtration Pools Plant
  • Collecting Rainwater System

To manage and to control the functionality of each room, it has been designed a control system composed by:

  • Room Management Unit: it automatically enables and disables the electrical function, detecting the presence of the guest and the service staff members; it manages the adjustment of the temperature, relieving the room occupation state
  • Electronic Lock: it gives access to the room by a reader that manages the lock opening
  • Control Unit Parameters: this unit allows to view the set point or the room temperature; this allows the guest to control the fan coils speed and to change the room climatic conditions, adjusting them in a predefined interval (2°C) compared to the set point set by the reception
  • Unit Revelation Presence: it describes the room occupation state. Red LEDs are located on the front of it, and they are turned off when the room card is put into the pocket
  • Access Control Unit: located on the lock of the door, it’s not submitted to the control system. It controls the room access, using magnetic cards
  • PC, 19 "monitor, printer, and software license for the management of the rooms


Hotel, Municipality of Salò - Brescia


Travel Charme Hotel GmbH



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Studio Cinuzzi


Preliminary and Definitive Design for Thermalfluid, Electrical and Special Systems

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