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Extension to the Rome Metropolitan RailwayLine B Rebibbia-Casal Monastero - Rome

Extension to the Rome Metropolitan Railway Line B - Rome

The extension work to Line B of the Rome Metropolitan Railway extends starting from the Rebibbia station as far as the new station of Casal Monastero, for an overall length of about 2.8 km.
Starting from Rebibbia, at the current terminus of Metropolitan Line B, the line extends through a tunnel as far as the station of San Basilio.  San Basilio is a deep station with central hall in the green area between via Morrovalle and via Recanati.  Once past San Basilio, the line continues as far as the GRA, Rome’s orbital road, to the station of Torraccia-Casal Monastero.  This has interchanges adjacent to the GRA with the areas destined to services and cark parks.  Also along the GRA is the deposit and manoeuvring area inside a completely underground structure.
There will also be two buildings, an outflow structure at the station of Rebibbia and an inflow at Torraccia.  The ventilation shafts are in a pivotal position between the different stations.
An essential part of the works is the exchange interchange Torraccia-Casal Monastero.  The fulcrum of the exchange interchange is the “Casal Monastero – Torraccia” station, as already mentioned, level with the underground crossing of the GRA, close to exit 12 “Centrale del Latte”, with accesses on both sides.  The Casal Monastero interchange is at the intersection of the two most important transport structures for the city: the G.R.A., which as well as urban traffic, also deals with a notable amount of regional and national traffic, and the Metropolitan Line B, which is an important metropolitan rail structure that, after this intervention will have an overall capacity above that of the other lines.
From a point of view of changing from road to rail and urban and regional traffic, the interchange at the terminus along Line B is the linchpin for the whole East-North East section of Rome.  This is also where national road traffic crosses the motorway and the G.R.A. meeting up with rail traffic from the metropolitan railway (mainly from the Tiburtina and Termini stations) going to the national rail routes.
Of the two fronts of this interchange, Casal Monastero and Torraccia, the most developed in terms of surface area and service is the most external one (Casal Monastero).
The interchange has the following services:

  • Street level and indoor car parks;
  • Parking for disabled drivers adjacent to the station entrance;
  • Approach route and drop-off point: “kiss & ride”;
  • Pavement waiting area for urban and suburban public transport;
  • Pavement waiting area for national and international public transport;
  • Long stay waiting area for buses;
  • Services for travellers;
  • Commercial services and services in general;
  • Pedestrian link to the town of Casal Monastero

The front facing the interior (Torraccia) has the following services:

  • Street level car park;
  • Parking for disabled drivers adjacent to the disembarkation point and pedestrian walkway, with station access via lift or covered route;
  • Approach route and drop-off point: “kiss & ride”;
  • Pavement waiting area for urban public transport;
  • Covered pedestrian walkway, escalators and moving walkways connecting to Torraccia.

The Torraccia-Casal Monastero interchange has street level and below ground parking for a total of 2,507 spaces, of which 653 at street level and 1,854 under cover.  The car parks are mainly in the external part of the interchange, adjacent to the covered square in front of the station access and only a part in a more distant position, level with the roofing of the repository.  The internal front (Torraccia) has street level parking.
The design activities performed by Opengineering Srl concerned the “civil” installations, such as:

  • MV/LV electrical systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Power wiring
  • Fire detection system
  • Security and access control system
  • Ventilation and conditioning systems
  • Fire prevention system
  • Water and sanitary systems and draining systems


Extension to the Rome Metropolitan Railway
Line B Rebibbia-Casal Monastero - Rome


Roma Metropolitane Srl

Value of the work

556.000.000,00 Euro



Architectural Project

Reconsult Srl

Structure Project

In.Co Spa

Systems Project

Opengineering Srl


Definitive and Executive Design for Thermalfluid, Electrical and Special Systems

Task assigned by

Metro B S.r.l.

Systems Amount

17.000.000,00 €