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METRO Line C – Route T7 - Rome

The route T7 is developed along the Torrenova-Pantano axis for 8,2 km, where the following 10 stations are located:

  • Torrenova station
  • Torre Angela station
  • Torre Gaia station
  • Grotte Celoni station
  • Fontana Candida station
  • Borghesiana station
  • Bolognetta station
  • Finocchio station
  • Graniti station
  • Pantano station

The executive planning for the following electric installations and special systems was carried out:

  • electric installations
  • ordinary and emergency lighting system
  • special systems: fire detection and anti-intrusion
  • supervision system

The fire detection system in structured as follows:

  • station fire detection system
  • switching station fire detection system
  • gallery fire detection system

The fire detection system of the station cosists of the following componets:

  • fire detection central unit
  • interactive smoke detectors
  • interactive heat detectors
  • interactive alarm buttons
  • interactive access modules
  • air pipes sampling unit
  • optical signallers

The fire detection in the gallery is accomplished through a heat linear detection system that can give information about the size, location and direction of the fire.
The special system for the anti-intrusion aims at constantly controlling the access to the various technical premises and in the gallery and the ‘open’ or ‘closed‘ condition of the station and gallery doors and locks, both for security and for the good functioning of the other station and gallery technological systems. According to the supervision system there will be three functional levels:

  • Central Level: to which belong the centralized, control and maintenance functions of the station and gallery peripherical systems.
  • Station Level: to which belong the control and maintenance functions of the station and gallery. In the event of faults of the Central level, the Station level will be able to completely manage the peripherical systems
  • Field Level: to which belong the single under-systems of the ancillary technological systems of the station and gallery.

The part of the supervision system that is devoted to the anti-intrusion system, has the function to signal all alarm conditions to the station supervision and control system and to the contol central hall, that are related to the control of the access to the various technical premises of the station and gallery.
The management of the anti-intrusion surveillance system is assigned to a microprocessor intelligent control central unit that can ensure a high level of reliability of the various station, shaft and gallery premises.
The central unit constantly monitors the peripherical detectors condition and it processes all the condition variations, it can also know the location of the intrusion, recognize the possible intrusion and transmit data to the central control system for the coordination of the interventions by the station officer and the operator who works in the control central unit.
The ordinary lighting system was designed increasing the lighting engineering values pointed out by the UNI 8097 rules, in order to obtain better results. As concerns the working premises, the new UNI EN 12464-1 regulation, in force since 01.07.2003, was taken into consideration.
The illumination values that were obtained in emergency conditions approximately accounts for 10% of the value that was obtained in normal conditions. All lighting devices were placed in such a way as to be easily accessible. their vertical radiation falls within the first walking floor below, right before the lighting devices used for the stairways and escalators lighting. The emergency lighting, that functions whenever the ordinary lighting goes,is ensured by static no-break power that supplies power to 50% of the ceiling light fixtures used for the ordinary lighting.


METRO Line C - Route T7 - Rome


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Executive Planning for Special Systems and Electric Installations

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