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‘Medusa’ Multiplex, Rozzano - Milan

The Project accomplished the multiplex complex for the ‘Medusa spa’ (Medusa joint-stock company) and all the related structures for the commercial and recreational activities. The complex has 3 cinema halls for a total of 2.968 seats, and an additional cinama hall with 500 seats, which is located in an independent structure and, at the same time, united to the remaiing part of the complex.
The structure consists of 6 levels plus the covering and the technical premises.
The 2 underground levels accomodate more than 300 car parks each, for a total surface of 26.000 square metres. On the remaining floors, the following areas are located:

  • Recreational areas
  • Floor Bathrooms
  • Floor foyer and entrance to the halls
  • Floor refreshment and café area
  • Projection rooms
  • Offices and personnel’s changing rooms

Opengineering took care of the Supervision of Works and of the Planning of the Electric installations and of the Special systems of the entire complex and of each single area of the complex. In particular the planned works were the following ones:

  • condominial general electric installation
  • multiplex general electric installation
  • ordinary lighting system
  • emergency lighting system
  • external lighting system
  • atmospheric disturbance protection system
  • telephony and data network
  • fire detection system
  • sound diffusion system
  • anti-intrusion system
  • CCTV system
  • terrestrial and satellite TV system


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‘Medusa’ Multiplex, Rozzano - Milan


Arrivederci S.r.l.

Value of the work

27.510.012,49 €



Architectural Project

Reconsult S.p.A.

Structure Project

Reconsult S.p.A.

Thermal Ffluid Systems Project

Studio Ing. Cuda


Preliminary, Definitive, Executive Planning, Supervision of the Works for Electric Installations and Special Systems

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Reconsult S.p.A.

Systems Amount

1.901.138,00 €