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FIN Swimming Complex XIII Municipality The Ostia Lido - Rome

The FIN Swimming Complex Project carried out on the Ostia Lido, Rome, is included in the general plan illustrated by FIN (Italian Swimming Federation) during the 13th edition of the Rome 2009 Swimming, Water polo, Diving, Synchronized Swimming, Open Water Swimming World Championship.
The World Championship brought back to Rome the elite of the world swimming after 15 years, with about 2500 athletes and 1500 technical officials which represented more than 170 countries, drawing the attention of 1500 media operators.
The Fin, together with the Town Council of Rome and supported by the Italian National Olympic Committee, the Provincial Administration of Rome and the Lazio Region Administration, commissioned a number of works aiming at renovating, restoring and extending the existing complex and building three new sport-swimming complexes and, among them, the new complex of the Swimming Complex of the XIII Municipality. The building of the new sport-swimming complex took place in compliance with the technical and dimensional criteria imposed by the Italian Swimming Federation for the validation, to sport purposes.
The Ostia Lido Swimming Complex develops on an overall surface of 31.651 square metres and it consists of the following structures:

  • 50x25 m. olimpyic outdoor swimming pool with 8 lanes
  • 33x21 m. indoor swimming pool with a variable depth from 3 m. to 2,8 m.
  • 10x21 m acclimatization pool with a constant depth of 1,2 m
  • open terraces with 900 seats
  • closed terraces with 500 seats
  • federal offices
  • restaurant and café
  • changing rooms
  • conference hall with 200 seats
  • guestrooms with 79 rooms
  • 200 square metres gym
  • 15.000 square metres parking area


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FIN Swimming Complex XIII Municipality The Ostia Lido - Rome


Office of the Delegate Commissioner of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers

Value of the work

22.000.000,00 €



Architectural Project

Studio Angelo Zampolini

Structure Project

Studio Ing. Peroni


Definitive, Executive Planning, Construction Management for Thermal fluid, Special Systems and Electric Installations

Task assigned by

Marziali Costruzioni Generali S.r.l.

Thermal Fluid Systems Amount

3.996.586,71 €

Systems Amount

3.022.615,40 €