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Alitalia Logistics Hub - Fiumicino - Rome

Alitalia Logistics Hub - Fiumicino - Rome

This project served to requalify building PG 126, comprising two floors of 3965 m2 each, situated near Leonardo da Vinci di Fiumicino Airport (Rome) in the logistics area of Alitalia and destined to house the new headquarters for Alitalia spa employees.
Specifically, the executive design and successive execution of the thermo fluid installations concerned the following systems:

  • Design of technological plants (heating, cooling, water, air treatment units)
  • Fluid distribution network design
  • Air distribution network design
  • Design of mechanical installation automatic adjustment system
  • Water and sanitary system design
  • Design of black and rainwater drainage system

As far as the thermo fluid systems are concerned, a primary air system with four-pipe fan coil units that are completely autonomous for the whole building, with the installation with new water cooling units.  The air is treated with three units installed on the first floor of the building.  Further air treatment units are installed in the meeting room and the board room, although these are used intermittently and not on a regular basis compared to the open spaces on the two floors.  Ambient relative humidity is controlled via air treatment with pick up and expulsion using a centrifugal fan that serves to limit consumption.  Ambient temperature control is via four-pipe fan coil units, installed in the raised floor, with piped hot water (45°C) running through in winter and cold in summer (10°C).  All systems are adjusted using electronic digital control equipment (DDC) that can be freely programmed with local regulator modules installed in the electrical supply panels.
For the fire prevention system, in conformity with the technical regulations for fire prevention for the buildings and /or areas destined for office use, there will be a hydrant system comprising HD polyethylene pipes for the external sunken parts and galvanised steel pipes for connection to the hydrants inside the building.


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Alitalia Logistics Hub - Fiumicino - Rome


Alitalia S.p.A.



Architectural Project

Architetto Michele De Lucchi S.r.l.

Systems Project

Ecosfera Spa


Preliminary and Executive Design for Thermalfluid Systems

Task assigned by

Hitrac Engineering Group spa

Systems Amount

2.478.000,00 €