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Provincial Centre of Excellence, Innovation and Work - Milan

The Project is included in the renovation and building of new works for one of the premises dedicated to vocational training, already existing in Milan and run by the Provincial administration. On an overall area of 70000 square metres, a number of works was planned: rooms for vocational training, a 1000 seat auditorium, a 3 underground floor parking, 6500 square metres of exhibition areas and areas dedicated to research, innovation and work.
The Project target is creating a centre where universities and firms can meet to transform research into innovation and applied technology and, moreover, there is the willingness to create a centre that can be an international showcase for the promotion of excellences and for the active and creative economy of Milan.
The main concept of the work is that spaces and functions distribution can induce students and professors to meet more than once during the day, in the so called “Marketplace”, that means the common area that is so important in today’s life. The existing architectural elements become up-to-date thanks to the addition of steel elements which have different purposes, because on the one hand they support the cantilever roof which protect the facades from bad weather but, on the other hand, they are used like portals for the curtains made of plastic reinforced by incorporated fiberglass that serve as a solar shield. All that contributes to giving a touch of strict and educated present-day aspect to the entire building and, at the same time, it adequately suits the typical Milan style. The outdoor or indoor exhibitions pavilions are conceived as concrete portals rhytmically distributed and covered with glass that, if needed, can be transformed into light and shadow paths, as well as into everyday life areas. Finally, both the new and old teaching areas were planned to be extremely flexible, as they can be widened or reduced according to one’s needs, whereas general spaces can host conferences, receptions and meetings.
From a plant engineering point of view, a new solution of ordinary lighting was found, it is accomplished using lighting fixtures with low luminance optics and with an efficiency higher than 75%. That makes the reduction of about 20% of the lighting devices possible and, consequently, energy conservation and lower maintenance costs. The reduction of the number of lighting devices and the choice of the rectangular shape of such devices made it possible to obtain an easier distribution of the radiant panels placed on the ceiling.
As far as the emergency lighting is concerned, autonomous emergency devices were installed; such devices are provided with an integrated power supplier which starts when ordinary lighting goes. Thanks to that, safety circuits are unnecessary and the damage due to the unavailability of the very power supplier is reduced.
For the distribution of the motive power systems and for the arrangement of the special systems, metal platforms underneath the floating floor were installed, thus making the canals rested in the false ceiling lighter. Thanks to the floating floor it was possible to plan foldaway turrets instead of the traditional socket groups placed on sight on the walls, thus making the rooms more elegant.


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Provincial Centre of Excellence, Innovation and Work - Milan


Provincial Administration of Milan



Value of the work

38.300.000,00 €

Architectural Project

Dante O. Benini & Partners Architects

Structure Project

Favero&Milan Ingegneria S.p.A.


Planning and Executive Supervision of the Thermal Fluid and Special Systems and of the Electric Installation

System Project

Manens Intertecnica S.r.l.

Task assigned by

ATI Polo Eccellenza S.C.A.R.L.

System Amount

11.600.000,00 €