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Residenza Adisu - Roma

A.Di.S.U. “La Sapienza” - Rome

The Agency for the Right to University Studies in the Lazio region, called “Adisu” till November 2004 and then named “Laziodisu”, is the body providing for the grants, apartments, monetary contribution awards according to the regional law n.25/2003.
The Agency registered office is in Rome and it also has five decentralized offices called “Laziodisu territoriali” which are subordinated to to the state universities, to the state universitary institutes and to the institutions for high artistic education.
The project, which involved the territorial ADiSU office of Roma-La Sapienza, consisted in the building of a university residential complex with about 600 beds, supplied with common areas and study rooms, with a 9908 square metre overall residential surface and a total cubature of 59573 cubic metres. Particularly the intervention was made on:

  • n.120 24,00 square metre single bed rooms
  • n.192 28,80 square metre double bed rooms
  • n.12 38,40 square metre rooms for disabled people

All the electric installations and special systems were designed to guarantee a good environmental comfort both to the residing guests and to the personnel working in the complex as well as to guarantee that all activities take place safely. Particularly, the design aimed at defining the following works:

  • electric installation
  • ordinary and emergency lighting system
  • Telephony and data network
  • TV system
  • fire detection system
  • CCTV system
  • access control
  • atmospheric disturbance protection system

The lighting system was designed to guarantee the correct light according to the function of each room, thus avoiding bothersome sensations in the eyes. The emergency lighting, instead, was designed to automatically switch on when, due to an abnormal condition in the public system of the energy distributor or in the main system inside the complex, the ordinary lighting is gone.
The general electric installation supplies power to the centralized launderette the laundry, the kitchen, the technological systems devices and all the sockets of the complex. In order to improve the reliability of the systems, or in order to reduce inefficiencies and increase the safety level inside the residential complex, a centralized system of management and control of the electric installations was planned.
The telephony and data network was designed according to the structured wiring tecnique, whereas for the TV system, an integrated system of antennas for the reception of TV programmes broadcasted both by cable and by satellite, which manages the sending of the received TV signals to the different users.
As far as the fire detection system is concerned, considered the specificity of the building, the protection of all high risk areas was planned by means of the installation of optical detectors inside the area. Surveillance was also extended to all technical premises and to kitchens, where accidents can easily occur.
The fire fighting system was also extended to the false ceiling internal spaces, to the small courtyards, to the spaces under the floors, where the presence of electric installations increases the accident risk. A modular, flexible and easy to widen system was used during the planning phase, that is based on the most advanced relevant technologies, the system can send optical and sound signals to the alarm control room.
The designed CCTV system make the control of the video-surveilled area 24hours a day possible and it consists of:

  • high sensitivity, black and white cameras
  • cyclical selector for the management of video signals, with operator keyboard
  • 3 monitors for the control and protection rooms
  • time-lapse videorecorder with a 3h speed in real-time till 960h speed in time-lapse

The access control system was designed to control the accesses through magnetic head badges and it consists of magnetic badge readers, a concentrator for the readers management, a central control unit.
The premises controlled through the system are:

  • stairs
  • garage
  • corridors
  • secretary’s office
  • first floor premises

The protection system for atmospheric disturbances was designed with the aim of protecting the entire complex from dangers originating from the atmospheric disturbances and from dangers deriving from accidental contacts with metal parts which are usually voltage free but that could have voltage if the insulating parts which protect the electric devices collapse.


Agency for the Right to University Studies (A.Di.S.U.) “La Sapienza” - Rome



Value of the work

24.456.886,03 €



Architectural Project

Reconsult S.p.A.
Prof. Arch. Franco Purini
Prof. Arch. Laura Thermes

Thermal Fluid Systems Project

Studio Ing. Cuda


Preliminary and Definitive design for Electric and Special Systems

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Reconsult S.p.A.

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1.911.376,55 €