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Sheraton Golf Parco de’ Medici Hotel - Rome

Located in a 80 hectare park and surrounded by a 27 hole golf course, the Sheraton Golf Parco de’ Medici Hotel & Resort of Rome is a fascinating country style hotel, located 18 km away from Fiumicino airport and 12 km away from the town centre of Rome.
The complex develops on 5 floors, one of them is underground and has 306 rooms provided a 24 hour Wi-Fi connection and fast internet access, conference rooms and common areas. It is also provided with the following functional parts:

  • two swimming pools
  • two gyms
  • sauna and spa
  • a restaurant
  • business centre and internet point
  • theatre
  • 3 conferences centres
  • 40 meeting rooms
  • 1500 car parking area

In order to allow the management, the use, the safety and control of the entire complex and of each single room, with its characteristics and functions, electric installations, telephone network, data transmission and special systems were accomplished.
The general project of the electric installations and special systems, concerning the entire complex, was developed keeping in mind a number of element such asi:

  • the different areas ans their relative use requirements: rooms, offices, entrance hall, halls, etc., as well as the availability and continuity of the electric power supply, as well as the consequences on the service, on people’s safety and on the functionality of certain systems such as data transmission and telephony, videosurveillance system, fire fighting system;
  • the identification of the electric scheme and of its functioning in order to guarantee the availability and continuity of the service with the desired reliability;
  • the execution typology of the systems accordingly to the different floors and rooms where they are used;

Finally, it is important to underline that the particular use of such systems pointed out the security and reliability requirements that were reflected on the definition of the main scheme, of the emergency systems and of the components choise and on the choise of the fundamental devices that had to be installed.


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Sheraton Golf Parco de’ Medici Hotel - Rome


Società Quaranta Rubbie S.r.l.

Value of the work

19.835.843,35 €



Architectural Project

Reconsult S.p.A.

Giovanni Rebecchini

Structure Project

Studio Tecnico Ing. Cinuzzi

Thermal Fluid Systems Project

Studio Ing. Cuda


Preliminary, Definitive, Executive Planning, for Special Systems and Electric Installations

Task assigned by

Reconsult S.p.A.

Systems Amount

2.861.087,1 €