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Porta Nuova Station - Turin

Torino Porta Nuova is the third major Italian station, with its 192 thousand dayly transits and 70 million visitors each year. It is strategically located inside the city and it is the biggest crossroads of public transport lines, because it hosts around 350 trains every day.
The station requalification project included the various floors of the structure:

  • the underground floor, which is at -3,50 metres and hosts the FS (State Railways) sections area and the shopping area.
  • the urban level floor, consisting of the travellers’ building where shops, passengers’ services and platforms are located.
  • the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floor, where the station offices and postal service are located.
  • the seven buildings located along Nizza Street and Sacchi Street, where the thermal plant, the technical rooms and offices of the FS are located.

The planning included the electric installations and special systems, both for the entire complex and for each area, as listed below:

  • general electric installation
  • ordinary lighting system
  • emergency lighting system
  • telephony and data networks
  • sound diffusion systems
  • TV systems

As far as the electric installation is concerned, all the electric switch panels were dimensioned to contain 30% more of the installed switches, without intervening on the structural works.
The circuits were divided into the three phases in order to balance the loading of the line. Moreover, in each electric switch panel, a ground collector was placed, all the protection conductors were connected to it.
A digital and modular sound diffusion system was designed, which is appropriate to be connected with the remote control station. The system serves the following areas:

  • Primary and secondary services
  • Entrance hall
  • Passengers areas
  • Ticket office
  • Changing rooms
  • Warehouses
  • Offices and control room
  • Bathrooms
  • Technical rooms
  • Platforms

In order to solve the communication problem inside the building and to supply a high quality level telematic services, for all the areas a wiring system that is structured for an integrated telephony and data transmission network was planned. The vertical and horizontal wiring was made with copper cables and pre-arranged for the optical fibers connection in the event tha distances did not meet the expected standards.
A terrestrial and satellite TV system was planned for the passengers’ services and for primary and secondary services, it has a modular central unit with centralized decoders for the distribution of 12 terrestrial channels and 12 satellite channels. Some amplification subunits were planned along the TV signals distribution lines in order to guarantee an adequate signal level to the terminal sockets.
As far as the ordinary lighting system is concerned, the following aspects were considered during the planning phase:

  • avoiding luminance contrasts in the field of vision
  • avoiding reflections of high luminance surfaces

The emergency lighting instead, was installed using illuminating fixtures provided with airtight batteries fluorescent lamps, which can guarantee at least a 60 minute functionality and a lighting level not lower than 5 lux, for the areas arranged for evacuation operations, and at least 2 lux for the remaining areas.
The corridors, stairways and exit ways lighting was guaranteed by means of self-powered lighting devices with NiCd high temperature internal batteries that have at least an autonomy of 1 hour.
The entire emergency lighting system is controlled by means of a control unit that can manage the execution of recurrent functionality tests of the emergency lamps. The lighting devices belonging to the “No - break lighting” system are the same type of those belonging to the ordinary lighting, but powered by circuits which use uninterruptible power supply.


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Porta Nuova Station - Turin


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