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Tor Pagnotta Due School District - School Buildings - Rome

Tor Pagnotta Due School District - School Buildings - Rome

The residential complex known as ‘Tor Pagnotta Due’ is located in the XII Circoscrizione area of the Municipality of Rome, between Via Laurentina and Via Ardeatina close to the GRA orbital road, in a global intervention area of some 58 hectares.  As well as residential buildings, there are also five school buildings for nursery school use.  The intervention is part of the growing district that surrounds it, meaning it needs new reception structures for education and culture across a wide age range.
In this contest, Opengineering carried out the executive designs for the technological systems for five school buildings.
The criteria and design choices for installations were inspired by criteria for maximum flexibility and autonomy for every functional area, taking two main factors into account: safety and cost-effective management.  The shared aim is to guarantee maintaining the most suitable conditions concerning environmental comfort, opting for solutions with high-tech content, compliant with eco-sustainable principles and using renewable energy sources, where possible, to guarantee a wide range of flexible use for the structure.  The works being designed concern the execution of the following systems:

  • Heating
  • Hot water for sanitation
  • Water supply system
  • Collection and waste water drainage
  • Rainwater collection and drainage
  • Service extraction
  • Methane collection
  • Irrigation

All five school buildings are composed of a single body, designed to extend over a storey above ground (serving the different activities of the complex) and another storey below ground (for plant rooms serving the building).
For each one, the main areas with their relevant intended use are as follows:


  • Lounge for small – medium – older children
  • Rest for small – medium – older children
  • Staff/paediatrician
  • Teachers and workshop activities
  • Common workshop
  • Male and female changing rooms
  • Toilets
  • Kitchen


  • Classrooms
  • Medical office
  • Assistants’ rooms
  • Free activity room
  • Male and female changing rooms, assistants’ changing rooms
  • Toilets
  • Secretary’s office
  • Kitchen
  • Canteen

Each building, newly completed, has been designed to be executed using building structures that are well insulated to limit heat dispersion to a minimum during winter.
The winter heating system includes a system with radiators and well-insulated hot fluid transport line to limit all dispersion and resulting need to add outside energy.
Each building has been fitted with a system to use solar power, such as photovoltaic and thermal solar energy panels to produce hot water for sanitary use and also to integrate the heating.


Tor Pagnotta Due School District - School Buildings - Rome


Consorzio Tor Pagnotta Due



Architectural Project

Arch. Stefano Perin Architettura 2000

Systems Project

Opengineering Srl


Executive Design for Thermalfluid, Electrical and Special Systems

Task assigned by

Consorzio Tor Pagnotta Due

Systems Amount of n° 5 buildings

2.150.000,00 €