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Offices of the Super 3 TV Network - Rome

The SUPER 3 TV network was established in 1977 and it was originally called Teleroma Europa, whose acronym T.R.E., aimed at specifying it was the third national tv channel.
It was the first commercial television and it can now boast more than 30 years of experience. The planning of the new offices of the Rome tv broadcasting station consisted of building a new structure that could incude the following functional areas:

  • halls and corridors
  • administrative offices
  • editorial offices
  • business offices for production, direction, editing and broadcasting
  • conference room

The planning of the electric installations and of the special systems particularly aimed at making:

  • new emergency and ordinary lighting systems
  • new telephony and data networks
  • new anti-intrusion system

As far as the electric installation is concerned, the choice and arrangement of the components was particularly taken care of, in order to guarantee the requirements of inaccessibility and insulation of those parts where voltage is present, for security reasons.
All the materials, the electric devices and components were chosen according to the requirements of suitability to the rooms and, therefore, able to resist to mechanical, chemical and thermal actions, to which they could be exposed during the use. For the lighting system of corridors and halls, recessed fixtures provided with fluorescent compact lamps were used. In the clients’ reception area a track lighting system with ten halogen spotlights was planned, in order to make the room pleasant and keep lighting levels not too high. In the offices, that are provided with a false ceiling, lighting fixtures provided with compact built-in fluorescent lamp were used, that means they are fit to be installed in rooms where the use of video terminals is expected.
The light emission of the above mentioned devices, the so called “soft light”, guarantees a pleasant lighting effect also on the walls. Inside the business offices (production, direction, editing and broadcasting) a double lighting system was planned: the first one consists of devices built in the false ceiling and provided with a compact fluorescent lamp, with a light emission strictly controlled; the second system consist of halogen lamp fixtures, also built in the false ceiling.
In the conference room, on the mezzanine, some wall-mounted fixtures with direct/indirect lighting were installed, they are provided with two fluorescent linear lamps and a floor lamp made of the same materials as the wall-mounted fixtures, in order to create an effect of uniformity. For the emergency lighting system, the pointing out of the exit ways was accomplished by means of autonomous fixtures provided with integrated power supplier batteries, with LED lamps installed on the emergency exits, provided with pictogram in compliance with the regulation in force.
A telephony and data network was installed, it originates from tha distributor rack and connects all the working areas.


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Offices of the Super 3 TV Network - Rome


Rete Televisiva Super 3



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Thermal Fluid Systems Project

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